Disputa entre Globo e Record pelo primeira entrevista de Kayky Brito após atropelamento causa tensão nos bastidores

Aracaju – Globo and Record are currently engaged in a behind-the-scenes dispute. The networks are in talks with actor Kayky Brito’s family to convince him to give his first interview after the car accident he suffered last month in Rio de Janeiro.

The Rio-based network wants Brito to appear on their show Fantástico, while Edir Macedo’s TV station wants to feature him as the highlight of their coverage, which has been providing exclusive information on the case weekly on Domingo Espetacular.

Globo is the one who has been pressing the most. Apart from having the highest ratings on TV, with Fantástico being the leader, there is also the weight of the repercussion and the lighter coverage that the network has been giving to Kayky Brito’s case, avoiding controversies that could delve into his personal life.

Domingo Espetacular is also in talks, but without great optimism. The family is uncomfortable with the coverage on Domingo Espetacular, claiming that it is crossing the line into Kayky Brito’s personal life.

Last weekend, the Record program showed images of the actor appearing intoxicated and being prevented by his friend Bruno de Luca, who was with him during the accident, from being with another woman. The video allegedly caused a crisis in Kayky’s marriage.

In recent months, Fantástico has been investing in hot interviews with celebrities. In August, for example, actress Larissa Manoela revealed details about her dispute with her parents over her inheritance.

Controversial topics about famous people have always been on the agenda for Domingo Espetacular as well.

Kayky Brito and his family are not in a hurry to choose when he will speak or give an interview. The focus is on his recovery, which is ongoing at his home through physical therapy sessions.

Overall, the battle between Globo and Record for Kayky Brito’s first interview after the accident continues. The two networks are competing to secure the sought-after appearance, each presenting their own advantages and unique approaches to covering the case. The outcome remains uncertain, but it is clear that both parties are vying for the opportunity to have the actor share his experience and thoughts on the incident. As the negotiations unfold, it will be interesting to see which network ultimately wins the race to secure the exclusive interview with Kayky Brito.

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