A CPI quebra sigilo de Carla Zambelli e convoca Mauro Cid novamente. Medidas intensificam investigações do caso.

CPI approves access to financial and phone data of lawmaker Carla Zambelli

In a session held on Thursday (24), the January 8th Inquiry Commission (CPI) approved the request to access the fiscal and telephone records of federal representative Carla Zambelli (PL-SP) and her allies.

The commission decided to request Zambelli’s data after programmer Walter Delgatti Neto, known as the hacker involved in the “Vaza Jato” case, stated that, at Zambelli’s request, he participated in attempts to discredit electronic voting machines.

The commission also approved a summons for the new testimony of Lieutenant Colonel Mauro Cid, former chief of the homeguards of President Bolsonaro.

However, the president of the CPI, Arthur Maia (União Brasil-BA), did not include discussions regarding the breach of privacy concerning former President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and former First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro.

The commission also approved the access to Zambelli’s social media data. The Financial Activities Control Council (Coaf) will deliver intelligence reports on Zambelli’s financial activities to the CPI.

The CPI will also receive financial transactions data, phone records, and social media information from Bruno Zambelli (PL), Zambelli’s brother and a state representative in São Paulo, and Renan Goulart. They were allegedly involved in the plot to discredit voting machines, according to Delgatti.

In addition, the commission approved the summons of Osmar Crivelatti, former homeguard of President Bolsonaro, as well as the breach of phone and digital privacy of Tércio Arnaud Tomaz and José Matheus Salles Gomes, who were responsible for the communication strategy on the former president’s social media platforms.

The commission’s plan was to address the requests for privacy breaches and summons on Tuesday (22), but there was disagreement among the representatives regarding which requests would be evaluated. Without an agreement, Maia decided to present the meeting agenda in advance.

The approval of the requests on Thursday’s agenda was conducted symbolically, as there was consensus among the representatives. In today’s session, the CPI is also hearing from Sergeant Luis Marcos dos Reis, a former homeguard of President Bolsonaro.

Reis participated in the invasion of the Three Powers Square on January 8th and is currently in custody due to suspicions of forging the ex-President’s vaccination card. The Coaf identified atypical movements in Reis’ bank account.

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